To educate and increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts by providing performances of an artistic nature in public places, senior citizens homes, churches, community centers and educational institutions and by providing seminars and workshops on topics relating to such performances.


Dr. Inderjit & Mrs. Usha Nirdosh immigrated to Hamilton, Ontario in the mid 70’s, bringing with them a genuine love for music. This love, and a desire to share it with their daughters motivated them to invite a music teacher from India. The four months that Shri Gopal Das Garg spent with the Nirdosh family were incredibly rich. Shri Garg returned the following year, and the Nirdosh family opened their home to members of the community who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to learn Indian Classical Music. To showcase the achievements of Shri Garg’s students, Dr. Nirdosh produced several music programs that appeared on Shan Chandershekhar’s weekly program Asian Horizons (MCTV).

Dr. & Mrs. Nirdosh’s passion for music, in concert with their desire to spread its joys to the community around them would eventually be the impetus for Raag-Rung Music Circle.

In 1981, the Nirdosh family moved to Thunder Bay where they met Dr. Som & Mrs. Sudha Naimpally. Like the Nirdosh’s, the Naimpally family had organized visits from some superb musicians. The two families forged a harmonious partnership, and worked together to extend the pleasures of Indian Classical dance and music to the Thunder Bay community. Soon afterwards, the Naimpally family moved from Thunder Bay. However, the pursuit to share the East Indian fine art-form with the isolated Northwestern Ontario community was continued by the Nirdosh family.

Raag-Rung Music Circle was formed in 1983 with the objective of providing awareness and understanding to the Canadian public about the highly developed classical music and dance art forms from India.

The pioneering concerts of the Music Circle took place in the Nirdosh family’s basement. As they had done in Hamilton, the Nirdoshs opened their hearts and home to community members who were interested in experiencing an intimate evening of live Indian classical music. Guests had the pleasure of experiencing concerts by several great artists. To complete the enchanting evenings, Mrs. Nirdosh cooked luxurious vegetarian dinners, enjoyed by artists and guests alike. Though the makeshift basement auditorium grew shy at about 50 people, and the concerts graduated to bigger and bigger venues , the tradition of serving Indian vegetarian cuisine continues.

Raag-Rung Music Circle makes a dedicated effort of inviting artists who are well respected, as recognized by a variety of prestigious award granting organizations, namely: The Government of India, Grammys, Junos, and Billboard’s Top Ten and Music Awards, just to name a few.

On the average, the Music Circle organizes three to four events every year. Response from both the community as well as the artists has been wonderful. In fact, the Music Circle was thrilled that, the now popular, Ustad Shahid Parvez (sitar) and Pandit Vijay Ghate (tabla) chose to launch their maiden Foreign Performance Tour in 80s from Thunder Bay!

Alongside inviting artists from India, the Music Circle is excited to now also organize concerts of very talented Aboriginal and young Canadian artists representing a diversity of global art forms.


Holding the concerts of Padamshree and Padam Vibhushan (the third and the second highest awards given by the Government of India to a performing artist) in this remote Northwestern Ontario Community (1983-todate).

  • Holding concerts of Grammy, JUNO and Touring Artist of the Year Award winners in this remote Northwestern Ontario Community (1988-today).
  • Enhancement in our audience to have to move the concerts from the house basement first to the Lakehead University’s Bora Laskin Auditorium, and then to the prestigious Thunder Bay Community Auditorium.
  • Being nominated for the Award for Education of the Thunder Bay Regional Arts Council (2003).
  • Obtaining first the Not-for-Profit, and then Registered Charitable Organization status.
  • Obtaining the first Government Funding (from Ontario Arts Council, 2004) followed by funding from Fresh Start and Canadian Heritage.
  • Receiving the first donation from the local Paterson Foundation (2005).
  • Arranging performance by an Aboriginal Dance Troupe from Saskatchewan.
  • Fundraising for the local Northern Cancer Research Foundation, and establishing undergraduate and graduate student bursaries in the Faculty of Engineering at Lakehead University.

Dr. Inderjit Nirdosh, President
Ms Tammy Holmes, Vice President
Mr. Carl Goodwin, Secretary & Treasurer

Contact us at: 494 Ryerson Cres., Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. P7C 5R8. Tel: (807) 577 5641. E-mail: Raag-RungMusicCircle@shaw.ca